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Presrvation Packging

Preservation Packaging

Products can be exposed to a number of potentially harmful environmental elements both while in transit and upon arrival in the destination country.  A variety of methods can be implemented for the additional preservation of your equipment.

Moisture vapor-proof packaging utilizes a sealed vapor proof foil/film bag to enclose the product.  A calculated amount of desiccant is added and a vacuum drawn on the bag to minimize air that must be controlled.

VCI polyethylene provides moisture protection with the added benefit of being impregnated with vapor corrosion inhibiting chemicals.  VCI chemicals have a property to evaporate into the surrounding area and form an ionic layer on the packaged equipment for corrosion protection.  This can be draped over the product or, for a better protection, used in shrink-film form around the entire product.

Additional preservation methods we use include:

- Vapor corrosion inhibiting sprays

  and emitters

- Water barrier paper lined boxes

- Heavy weight shrink wrap

- Polyethylene draping

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